Scottish Nationals;    scoring – how it works

You do not need to take off from within the start cylinder.

There are no time points, take as long as you like to complete the task.

Each task is worth 1000pts.

Some things to note re Distance points –

·        Task Distance - is measured from the centre of the start cylinder through the centre of each turn point to the centre of the goal. It’s not optimised.

·        Distance From Goal = distance to goal or distance to next tp objective + the remaining legs (tp centre to tp centre).

Distance From Goal is the best point achieved during the flight, if you go off to fly xc and land further away you still score from the best point on your tracklog.

·        Distance Made Good = Task Distance – Distance From Goal.

Distance Points = Distance Made Good (km)  / Task Distance X 1000.

If you fly a task that is not associated with your home club you get 10% bonus, ie goal = 1100pts.

I hope this makes clear how the scoring works so everyone knows what they have to do to score well.

I’d be interested to hear any comments or suggestions  for improvement but obviously we cannot move the goal posts when the comp is underway. Please email

Similarly, if you notice any anomalous results please let me know ASAP.